Queer Creatives Creator Cathie Swan Talks Queer Stories With The Storyteller Podcast

“As a queer person, as somebody whose voice isn’t represented in mainstream media… you have this urge to create your own work where you can put your identity into it and express your own voice – because no-one else is going to do it for you.”

Cathie Swan

Queer Creatives UK Cathie Swan was invited onto the Storyteller podcast to talk all about developing story arcs and rounded characters with host Lisa Golden. In this special bonus episode, Cathie discusses why she set up Queer Creatives, what it means to see your identity represented, and the queer stories she wants to see.

Listen to Storyteller below:

Storyteller Podcast

“There is a truth in (traumatic queer stories). Telling that part of the story is part of the queer experience – but it’s not the whole story. There’s a lot of joy and celebration to be had in finding your identity and being comfortable in it.”

Cathie Swan

You can find Storyteller wherever you get your podcasts. Follow them on Twitter at @StorytellerPod1 and on Instagram at @storyteller_pod.

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